Sunday, October 13, 2013

for the love of {apple} pie

the first day of fall happened upon a sunday a few weeks ago, and we happily soaked up the start of this favorite season with an apple-picking-donut-eating-pie-making adventure.  the pie didn't turn out as pretty as i've made in the past; i more or less pieced the crust together.  but what i remember most from that cool, overcast afternoon inside was the time i spent with my big 5-year-old.  her eagerness to core and peel each apple with our peeler, her excitement about measuring and pouring each ingredient and smelling each spice, her helpful little soul and our conversations about a whole lot of nothing that meant was special.  and even if in the end only 3 pieces were eaten, i realized i don't make my annual apple pie for the taste alone.  i make it for what happened this day- for the undisturbed time i got to spend with my girl, for the words and love we shared making something special together, for the memory i was writing in her mindful scrapbook.  i will cherish that.

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