Sunday, July 8, 2012

arts and oops

i have not officially written out our summer to-do list yet, so i've been pulling ideas from pinterest and ones i've saved in my head for activities to do on the days we've been home.  i feel the need to do this to a) avoid the draw to the television, b) help defeat summer boredom, c) keep the girls engaged and active and creating, and d) allow me a few minutes to check an item off of my own personal checklist.  it's been so extremely hot outside that we've had to find things to do inside, or be engaged with water if we are outside.

since we went on vacation 2 weeks ago, it seems that nap time has essentially disappeared for harper.  she's almost 4, so i was expecting it soon.  she still gets an hour or so of rest time to lay in our bed and read books and relax her body and mind, but it means that she needs even more engaging activities every day.  on thursday, while crosby was still napping, and knowing that we had swim class at night, i decided to pull out this little activity that has been sitting idle in my "want to do this" file in my mind for a while- colored shaving cream.


i squirted the shaving cream into a muffin tin and brought out the food coloring.  harper chose the colors she wanted, and she helped me drop them in and stir them with toothpicks.  she hopped into the tub sans clothes, and off she went.  she created a masterpiece on every surface and seemed to really enjoy it.

Photobucket Photobucket

crosby woke up and we watched the artist at work.


in the end, the muffin tray was emptied, there was color on every side of the shower, and both harper and the tub were in need of a rinse.  i then discovered the problem with this activity- stained grout.  so next time, i limit the canvas to the tub only and not the shower walls, i put up a garbage bag as the canvas, i find a non-staining dye for the shaving cream or i just deal with the additional task on my list and chalk it up to being a mom and creating fun things for my kids to do.  such is the nature of summer.


always looking for more fun ideas, so if you have any that your kids love, please share by leaving a comment.

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angela said...

Now that it's not quite so hot, we're going to try ice cube paint :) Ice cube tray, thin poster paints with some water, popsicle sticks if you think they'll care about messy fingers, white paper outside :)