Thursday, June 14, 2012

thank you

she may not be walking, but this little sure has a lot to say and is soaring by leaps and bounds at this language thing.  her imitation skills are mind boggling.  my absolute favorite is her thank you.  she knows exactly when to say it.

i had to start writing down the other words she uses regularly, because her pediatrician is gonna ask at her 15 month appointment, and i just had to know.  when the list started closing in around 25, the speech pathologist in me got all giddy.  atta girl, crosby.

these words aren't perfectly articulated, by any means, but they have meaning when she says them...

mama.  dada.  harper.  max.  nana.  papa.  grandma.  cracker.  cookie.  thank you.  more.  hat.  bye bye.  hi.  uh oh.  get down.  no.  shoe.  buckle.  baby.  pop.  phone.  spoon.  bowl.  poo poo.  ball.  night night.  go.  three.  giggle giggle giggle gaggle.


Jacque said...

Add "buckle" to the list )

Jacque said...

Ok... Can't read... It's there! I've mentally checked out for the summer :)