Sunday, June 24, 2012

mr & mrs

it's time for another mr & mrs post.  this time, michael's brother got married and we added a new sister-in-law to the mix.  it was a fabulously gorgeous day, and best captured with a video montage.  enjoy...

congratulations, jeffrey and megan! 

(side note...that little dancer in the blue dress?  my little shaker and shimmier.  she didn't want to leave when nana and papa took crosby home.  she wanted to "stay and dance!"  and she did- right up until the last song at 12:30 am when we had to carry her tired little body out as she reminded us several times that she just wasn't tired and didn't want to leave.  until the minute we pulled out of the parking lot and she zonked.  she must have had a fantastic time.)

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Kellie said...

LOVE it!!! Looks like a wonderful time.