Monday, April 9, 2012

first word

it's a milestone to be extremely proud of and excited about, particularly for me given my profession- within the last week, crosby has solidified her first word.  we were pretty sure that her long and drawn out ma meant our doggie, maximus.  but today, she's been using it for more than just when she sees or hears him.  it's been a cup of water sitting on the counter.  her lovey blanket.  me.  she's also working more on ba today as she was playing with her new ball from easter.  either way, i'm thrilled that we're in my favorite stage of babyhood- the language acquisition (technicalities...) stage.  where that brain that has been soaking up all that talking and seeing and information we've been bombarding her with finally starts to make sense and show up as sounds and words.  i'm giddy!  (ok, and yes, i'm a bit nerdy when it comes to this language stuff.  it's why i do what i do.)

either way, here's a video from my phone this morning.  wee hours before work and school, so apologies for the darkness.


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Jacque said...

I love this....she sounds so sweet....she must really love Max!

Christina said...

this brought tears to me eyes! Such a sweet little sound.