Saturday, April 7, 2012

a bit of harper

with all this recent posting of the birthday girl, i figured it was high time to give harper a bit of the spotlight.  this one continues to amaze me on a daily basis with the things she knows, what she's learning and how much she's growing.  she's actually getting too tall for 3t, but has no waist for 4t.  she's always been at least one size under where she should be.  

harper at 3 years, 9 months (and over the past few months)...

loves her doggie, maximus.

next to her charter membership handprint tile at swim school.

she is silly and wild and crazy at times.
she likes to do it herself.
she is completely potty trained, at night too (as of november).
she says "mom, i have to tell you a question" and "tell me about your day, daddy" so matter-of-factly.
she can now count to 100, skipping 15 always.  my favorite number is "firty-free."
she can quote the backyardigans by episode name and tell you the characters and songs that are in each one.  she requests them daily.
she loves her sister.  except when crosby's getting into harper's toys.
she loves her nana days, and prefers them over preschool days.
she loves frozen blueberries and almond milk for bedtime snack, and sometimes adds graham crackers or avocado for variety.
she adores anything chocolate, and asks for it repeatedly every day.
she asks for "regoolee" (regular) milk, "aminal" crackers and "horshey" kisses and tells me that a house is made of "brakes" (bricks).
her favorite candy is peppermint patties, and nana keeps her well stocked.
she loves to play pretend- she imitates the preschool routine, and we play mommy and honey (she's the mommy, i'm the honey)
she melted my heart the day she held the door open for someone in a wheelchair, all on her own.
she loves justin bieber's "baby baby" song, and asks for it every time we get in the car.
she loves to dance and make up songs and put on shows for us.
she loves her swimming class.

what a difference a day makes...she busted her lip and gum the day she fell over her motorcycle bike handle after hitting a large divot in the sidewalk.  the bike stopped, she did not.  she was a trooper about the whole thing.  healed up nicely, until i noticed one of her front teeth turning darker recently.  we'll see how this turns out.

a few more of my favorite harper photos, taken via iphone and instagram.

she helps me make zoku racing buddy...does crosswords like daddy...
can ride her trike all on her learning to spell and knows all her letters...
tells me she loves me whenever she doesn't know what else to say...loves to help make a mess, er, bake...loves "our sarah"

is a great big sister...has a new car seat (with cupholders!)...shares lunch at school with me...
loves her tag reading pen and books, or any books for that matter...hugged a rock on a walk, just loved by so many.


a few of my favorite lines...

*drive to school, mom, we're late!
*i like this song, mom.  it makes me dance.
*mom, my toast is sledding (sliding) off my plate.
*mom,you can't be a teacher because you're a mom!
*when asked if it was my turn to brush her teeth, she responded, "but mom, i already did open, big cheese and tongue."

and my most favorite...

*"what are you doing, mom?" "texting daddy." "why?" "because i love him." "well text him for me too because i love him."

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