Thursday, March 29, 2012

one and some

ok, i know i said i was coming back saturday to post more birthday photos, but see how fast time goes?  it's thursday already.

case in point- she's one.

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we spent her birthday doing a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing.  i took the day off and kept the girls home from daycare and school to just enjoy.

i wanted to celebrate her birth time by making lots of noise like we did for harper, but at 6:31 am, i personally did not think it to be the wisest choice with both girls still sleeping.  so we opted for a new tradition that was set to launch later in the evening.

we started with a bit of homemade waffles, with a candle and a song.

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we did a bit of baking- a pistachio pudding cake to match her nickname.
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the girls did a bit of tub splashing.
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we did a bit of dancing.

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we made homemade pizza, threw it in the car and did a tailgate-style picnic in the drizzling rain at the park where we were set to do a bit of surprising.
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this was much more of an excitement for harper this year, as she has been asking about doing this since she first watched the movie tangled.  we had high hopes that this would go smoothly.  enter light rain and a bit of occasional wind and 2 parents who had not a clue what they were doing, and you've got a not-so successful paper lantern launch.


it was fun and exciting to watch while it lasted.


that is, until the wind blew slightly, pushing one lantern side into the flame and sending the whole thing down on a slow course right into the woods on the opposite side of the river.  we mad dashed to the car to set out on a hunt through the adjacent neighborhood to make certain we didn't set the town on fire that evening.  couldn't find that lantern.  but also couldn't find any smoke or flames, so i guess we're alright.  it also started a perfectly timed downpour right as we got back home, extinguishing my worries and guilt.

so we decided to cap the evening off with that cake and some superman ice cream.  and more candles and singing.

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she's one and she's perfect and happy and growing and stretching my heart every day.  she's pure sunshine.

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crosby at one...
*loves her veggies and most any food, but doesn't prefer fruit
*says ma, na, da, ba, ya
*blows killer raspberries and tongue trills
*claps her hands, waves bye-bye, shakes her head no and points at everything.  (soaking it all in, she is)
*crawls and cruises and walks with a walker and is so proud when she does
*loves to wake up in the middle of the night
*can't wait to splash in the tub (or any water for that matter, including the dog bowl or the toilet)
*has 6 teeth and a perfect little gap in the front that i just adore
*has an amazing smile and an infectious belly laugh
*loves her big sister, even when harper's rough with her
*says "nanas" for milk
*can sign "milk" and pound the table for "all done"
*twists and turns and won't stay still while she nurses
*wrinkles her nose to indicate absolute delight
*sucks her left thumb and rubs the tag of her pop the owl on her nose (just like harper)
*indicates she's very tired by placing both hands to her face, thumb in mouth and clinging to pop the  owl
*can get down from the couch by turning around and going feet first

we love her.


til next time...


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