Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sink 'em

this little one?  she's got chompers.  and they're comin' in lightening fast.

she is happy one minute, screaming the next, most likely from those darn painful eruptions through her gums.

she's sinking her white caps into anything and everything in sight.  metal furniture.  wooden furniture.  stuffed animals.  mommy's shoulder.  she's ravenous.  visitors beware.  your clothing or digits may be her next victim.

she's learning to fully accept tylenol or motrin without any spillage.

she is a night owl, and is vampiring with the best of 'em.

and we're exhausted.  thank goodness she's got a cuteness factor going for her.


and yes, i am still nursing.  and yes, she has surprised me with a chomp on several occasions.  last night, i think i yelped at such a high pitch that i scared her off from finishing her bedtime meal.  she fell asleep with only her thumb and her lovey.  but don't you worry.  she awoke 45 minutes later, forgetting the last experience, and happily latching on sans chewing for her nocturnal beverage of choice.

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