Wednesday, January 18, 2012


lookie lookie what was delivered to our front porch this morning...


it was our first day of old-fashioned dairy delivery service.  yes sir, the good ole' milkman.  he brought milk and half-and-half in glass jars, cottage cheese, fresh eggs, and yogurts.  i am giddy.  i love vintage and retro.  and i love glass jars.

so much so that i heated up a cuppa the morning coffee that was leftover in the coffee maker just to try the creamer (deliciously fresh).


and enjoyed the milk in my new favorite gluten free snack- milk poured over frozen blueberries then eaten with a spoon in all its icy glory.  this treat has been enjoyed for breakfast or pre-bedtime pretty much on a daily basis.  it's addicting, and i've peer pressured harper into asking for it now, too.

i think little one agrees that this was an awesome find.  kudos to my friend, katie, for kickstarting the trend.

p.s. update on the gluten free challenge: week 3 and so far, so good.  michael and i have resisted flour crust pizza on several occasions and have traded wheat bread for brown rice bread as our morning toast.  we have lived on blue corn chips, adding them to our salads and soups; corn chex; eggs; cheese; nut thins crackers; rice pasta; power smoothies; fruit and veggies.  we haven't really noticed that we've had to drastically change our grocery items or meals from how we were eating before, but we've felt like we've eaten better (michael is eating 2-3 fruits a day!) and don't eat as much at meal times or overall through the day.  the biggest difference i've noticed is that i have not craved sweets since we began, and i don't experience that early afternoon, mid-day slump.  me likey this challenge. michael likey's that his fave cereal, fruity pebbles, are naturally gluten free, so we've treated ourselves to a box in the house recently.  our mom's group is getting together this week, and the rule is that the appetizer or dessert has to be gf.  my contribution will be fruity pebbles marshmallow squares.  looking forward to sampling.  more to share as this month's challenge winds down and then next month's begins.

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