Wednesday, February 9, 2011

joy of love::day 8 {gift from the heart}

it was on my to-do list for a long time (this isn't infrequent, either) to have a wedding photo and our wedding invite framed. but, i just never got around to it. one christmas morning before our harper was born, michael surprised me with this. i was so shocked that i was sobbing uncontrollably. it meant the world to me that he listened and gave me a gift from the heart that i never wrote down on my christmas list. love him all the more for this, every single time i look at it.



Christina said...

so sweet! Love your wedding photo --beautiful. I have to laugh b.c. you know "the pose" that everyone speaks of w/ newborn photos, where their hands are propping up and cupping their chin? I think "the pose" of the early 2000s wedding photos is bride and groom tucked under veil --same shot I have framed in our room! Lucky for you, you chose not to have a selectively-colored bouquet thrown in for good measure ::rolling eyes at myself!::

Brooke said...

Very awesome gift! Brownie points to the husband who listens!! It all looks beautiful framed that way!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And great job on your other joy of LOVE days too!!