Sunday, February 13, 2011

joy of love :: days 9 {passions & hobbies} & 13 {routines}

michael's passion is football. his hobby is football. really anything to do with sports, but fantasy football encompasses our lives from july, when the first ff magazines are purchased, to august, when the ff draft happens, to december, when the playoff draft is held, to february, when the superbowl finally wraps this long season up. it's college football, pro football, football stats and more knowledge than one should have on a topic, throwing around a football with friends when he can. i think he'd love to have a son someday so that he can coach a youth football team. so, why did he marry someone who has so little interest in watching sports overall? i'm learning, and i tolerate, but i guess this proves the point that opposites do attract. and i love him for his passions.


one reason he may not have had enough time recently for his passions is because of this new routine- hitting the books. 10 years post-graduation from michigan state, michael started back up in school for his mba. he's in class 2 nights a week, often not getting home until 10 pm, and then reading and studying and completing homework assignments on the nights he's not in class, including hours away at a local uptown coffee shop on weekends to get things done without distractions. it's been challenging, and will continue to be once the new little one arrives, but we have the support of family and i am proud that he took the leap to go back. it's something he's always wanted to do, and when the opportunity presented itself, we couldn't pass it up. he's supported me in my career, and i absolutely do the same for him.


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Christina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the football photo! I may be stealing that idea. Andy wants some artwork for his office and this may be more subtle theme than the 24x46 poster we have in the basement of him in his K College uniform :) :)