Monday, February 7, 2011

joy of love::day 6 {who they love}

taggie {her tag blanket} and blabla {her monkey, made by blabla} (both so appropriately named) have been with her since i can remember. we don't go anywhere without them. and she can't go to sleep without them. it's one of the reasons i have signed up to take a sewing class- to replicate the most recently harper-coined "soft taggie" (to distinguish from the 5 other different ones we have) just to have a back-up should the forbidden ever happen. we've been close to losing taggie a couple times, but miraculously, she always finds harper. there are specifically 2 brown satin tags at different corners of the blankie that are the favorites. the thumb goes in the mouth, and the taggie is spun around until the brown satin one is landed upon. amazes me every time she can manage to find the specific one just by feel.


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angela said...

Love that! Abbey has her "Boop". I should order another. We have dropped Boop out of the stroller and inadvertantly left Boop in stores, but thankfully have always been reunited!