Sunday, February 20, 2011

joy of love :: days 5 {love to hate} & 17 {staying in}

it has taken me since february 4th, when we received the e-mail for the day 5 prompt, to figure out what it is i love to hate about my husband. yes, there are things that irk me. we're not perfect. but, most of his quirks are things i've come to either love or just ignore because it's not worth the stress. i pondered and pondered and pondered in my head just what it was that really annoyed me, because there had to be something, right?! yes, some nights, his snoring bugs me, and i have to keep tapping him to gently wake him up enough to stop and perhaps roll over, allowing me a second or two to fall asleep before the noise wakes me again. but how do you photograph that? until today, as i was picking up the basement mess of toys did i realize what i truly love to hate. unfinished projects. and we have a whole mess of 'em in our house. there just never seems to be enough time to finish it all. what with our work schedules, michael's mba classes + studying, raising a toddler and preparing for a newborn, and trying to balance all that work and have to's with the fun things and the want to's. can you blame us for not getting it all done?

but, this project in our basement has been there since the kitchen renovation in july/august of last year. michael had to tear apart a wall in order to expose the plumbing lines for the upstairs sink. and then it just sat there open until last weekend when he started to repair it. and now, it sits again. until some day when he has time. but it also sits among the vacuum and the tool box and the tub of stuff to throw away and the wood boards with exposed nails that used to be the molding. all within the small area we now use as our play room, where harper spends a lot of time.

{sigh} i love, love, love him, but i hate this. and i know he hates it, too.


and this is our latest version of staying in. putting harper to bed. sidling up on the couch in our jammies with a dvd on the tube. slippered feet propped on the ottoman and relaxing with a shared bowl of ice cream and strawberries. hey, baby needs calcium, right?!


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