Saturday, July 17, 2010


july 17th

my sweet harper,

today, you turned two. these past two years have flown by, and i sit here thinking back to that first moment i laid eyes on you. the moment you came into our lives and changed them for the better. the first moment i called you my little peanut.

mommy can't believe that you're actually two. i am having a much harder time with this birthday than with your first. maybe it's because you are asserting your independence much more, and i know that the time is ticking away and you will be all grown up before we know it. maybe it's because you are much more aware of what your birthday means this year, and i love seeing how much you truly understand.

you continue to amaze me with every new word you utter. with every new task you are able to complete on your own. with every sweet little kiss or hug you share with daddy and i when we least expect it.

today, at exactly 11:09 am, we got out our shakers and bells and we used our voices to yell. we made a lot of noise. we made noise to commemorate exactly two years ago the minute we began to celebrate you. and there is so much to celebrate and love about you, little one. your beaming smile when you are truly happy. your belly laughter that fills my soul. your passion for playtime and taking care of your babies. your never-ending chatter and singing that makes me oh so happy. the way you challenge me as only a child can.



you challenge me to be a better mommy, a better cook, a better detective, a better singer, a better conversationalist, a better pretend player, a better non-planner. because of you, i am better. and because of you, i know a love so much deeper.

you are our independent, free-spirited little peanut. our harper bean. our harpsicord. we thank the heavens every day that God chose you to be our little girl. we are truly lucky parents. and we promise never to forget that.

and mommy and daddy don't ever want you to forget how much we love you. we love you to the moon and back. we love you oodles. we love you until there is no more love to give, and then we'll still love you more. you are precious for everything that you are. and we are so thankful.

happy birthday, our lovely little two-year-old.


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Christina said...

oh, I love it, both the photo w/ the candles and the note to Harper! xo