Tuesday, January 6, 2015

taking stock

on the early morning of the second day back to school after our Christmas vacation, i reflect back at what a relaxing, enjoyable time we have had.  michael was able to take the entire 2 weeks off with us, and it was so amazing having him home.  while i didn't check off everything i had on my to-do list, we certainly got several things accomplished and had loads of snuggly, family time as well.  

our break in a nutshell...greenfield village holiday nights with michael, me and harper.  michael's family christmas and his parents birthday celebrations.  michael had a golf lesson while we had a playdate with friends to decorate sugar cookies for santa.  i taught many, many spin classes.  the imax polar express with nana and papa.  christmas eve mass.  christmas day gifts.  i was able to sneak in a relaxing facial and a haircut.  michael and i took a private yoga class with my mom and dad, to see how they would like it.  i, for one, crave it, and i was also able to fit in a couple additional yoga classes on my own.  new years eve celebrations with neighbors and friends staying up way too late and waking up way too early the next morning, but having so much fun.  grocery store runs.  ice skating.  a going away party for college friends.  tons and tons of reading, watching movies and shows, playing new games from christmas and old ones we've had, laughing and chatting.  and on sunday night, a snowy, chilly, windy walk for all of us and the pups after a long day of lounging in our jammies.  

it was a wonderful, amazing, relaxing break and so needed.  we're all a little bit sad to get back to the grind.  but we have goals and aspirations to work on and look forward to in 2015, and we all have to make that first step forward to get where we want to go.  

i liked this idea my friend, kellie, posted a while back about taking stock on what's currently going on in your life.  (she was inspired from her cousin who posted this, who was inspired from another blogger.)  so, here's my take on what is currently on my mind.  i'd like to continue this on a monthly basis, another goal of mine for 2015.

making : my mouth healthier by oil pulling for 20 minutes 
hoping:  for a snow day sometime this week

cooking : tons of healthy food for michael's and my whole30 food challenge this month
drinking : nothing but water, tea, coffee with canned full-fat coconut milk
reading:  where'd you go, bernadette? for book club
wanting:  my basement organized and cubbies built in our hallway
playing:  lots of board games with harper
deciding:  where to vacation this year- somewhere warm over spring break or london in the summer
wishing:  for summer vacation 
enjoying:  watching my girls learning daily
waiting:  for my 1-year post cancer treatment scans in february
liking:  the feedback i am receiving on my photos i'm posting in my 2nd online photography class
wondering:  what life will be like if we have a third baby
loving:  my family right where we are
watching: the new season of downton abbey

marveling:  at how beautiful the snow is
needing:  a warm vacation
smelling:  the diffuser with essential oils
wearing:  my new winter hat, a christmas gift from michael
following:  harper's newest loose tooth- her third and one of the top middle ones  
noticing:  how much better i feel since starting up whole30 again january 2nd
knowing: i have to go upstairs to shower in 5 minutes and get ready for work
thinking: about last night's hot vinyasa yoga class and how much i crave it
feeling:  overall happy and peaceful
admiring:  my friend maria's positive attitude and photo/video organization, always!
sorting:  my papers in the office
buying:  coconut milk, goji berries and vanilla bean powder on amazon for our whole30 program
getting:  anxious about all the personal things i want to accomplish
bookmarking:  recipes
disliking:  being back to work after a wonderful 2 weeks off
giggling:  while listening to my girls talk- their words are so big out of their tiny mouths
feeling:  healthy
snacking:  on nothing while on the whole30- 3 meals only
coveting:  a vacation somewhere this year
wishing:  for a healthy, cancer-free year
hearing:  the shower running upstairs as i click on my computer and swish coconut oil in my mouth

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