Thursday, January 1, 2015

nye and the final petrous project

i cannot even believe that 2014 is over and gone.  what a crazy, busy, at times overwhelming, emotional year.  we went through illnesses i never imagined or hoped we'd have to deal with, let alone so early on in our lives.  but i think in the end, we came out stronger.  we appreciate our time together more.  we laugh more.  we search for the joy in every single day.

we spent our new years this year completely different from typical.  usually, we like to put on jammies early, make a yummy dinner, toast with sparkling juice and champagne and then snuggle up to watch a movie with popcorn and sweets.  this year, we were invited to a friend's house in our neighborhood for the festivities, and i'm really glad we went.  the kids played games, the adults played games.  there was yummy food and drink.  and there was a lot of noise making and celebration come midnight.  harper actually managed to stay up, but crosby crashed on the couch around 11.  

before we left for the neighbors house, i made sure to capture our annual new years eve family photo with the camera timer and tripod.  i enjoy looking back on the last 4 years i've done this and seeing the differences.

we ate a pizza dinner before we ventured to the neighbor's house, complete with sparkling juice and champagne toasts.  something new i started at the beginning of 2014 was the happy jar.  i wrote down good things that happened to our family over the year, and over dinner, we opened it up and read them.  i teared up reminiscing about all the good, way outweighing any bad we experienced if i thought about it.  harper read all of the slips and was excited to do this again in 2015.  she keeps talking about the things that might happen that she'll be able to write down.

a few highlights:  harper lost 2 teeth- her first in march, and second in may.  crosby got a big girl bed (january).  harper is star student of the week at school (february).  daddy got a promotion (november).  harper is reading at a 2nd grade level in november of 1st grade.  mommy and daddy ran a half-marathon (october).  crosby is potty trained, during the day (july) and night (october).  harper learned to snap her fingers (july).  crosby got a toddler bike (august).  harper is star student of the month at swimming (january).  mama had clean thyroid scans (april).  the girls tennis camp, sports camp, art camp, swim camps.  harper gets her art chosen for a downtown banner (spring).  crosby can identify the letters in her name (november) and write c, h, t, o (october).  harper has a ballet recital in may.  both girls move up in swimming- crosby in april, harper to pro in february and rec team in august.  harper learns to tie her shoes (august).  

and here is our final instagram monthly installment for 2014, our daily december photos.  sometimes this project is a bit stressful, especially when i either take too many photos on one day or none at all, and then have to get creative, but overall, i love it and am taking it on again in 2015.  a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes a thousand feelings to go with it.  capturing one small moment in that day might lead us to remember a whole lots more about what we were doing, how we were feeling, words we said, things that made us laugh or cry, memories we were creating.  and that's what i hope to pass along to my girls.

a very happy 2015 to all of you!  thanks for clicking along with us.  we are hopeful for good things to come this year, and i hope you continue to tag along.

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