Sunday, January 25, 2015

a january weekend

this past weekend was a fun one.  a weekend during which we had a few activities to keep us on our toes, but enough downtime to enjoy some unexpected fun.

we made donuts on saturday morning.  chocolate cake donuts.  i didn't plan on making the chocolate dip frosting to go with, but it was requested, and we went for it.  and then the girls topped them with loads of sprinkles.

we grocery shopped as a family together.  on a crazy busy saturday at trader joes.  like way overbusy. and both girls wanted their own cart along with our big one.  it was a bit maddening.  especially at the end when i pulled both of them over to the corner wine section so i could shoot my images for my final class submission.  yeah, michael thought i was crazy.  but it was worth it.

harper took her first on-her-own yoga class.  and i was the mom standing outside the room, just on the other side of the glass door snapping pics.  i told her i was going to take some photos, and she responded with, "ok, mom, maybe just 2 or 4."  she was a bit nervous at first, but i caught several smiles throughout and i know she enjoyed it when she came home and worked on her poses she learned.  i personally love that there is a class like this for her age.  yoga does wonders for my physical, mental and emotional health, and i hope she continues to find it does for her as well.

in addition to all that, i taught a spin class and we made a visit to our favorite froyo shop for an elsa sighting, which honestly was not all we had hoped.  oh well.  other than that minor debauchery, it was an awesome winter weekend.

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