Saturday, January 4, 2014


january 2nd 11:30 am i am wheeled back to surgery, and just like that 3 hours later, i have no more thyroid.  gone.  bye bye.

my doctor told michael that in a few weeks, i am going to be extremely tired, as they allow my body to deplete itself of the thyroid hormone naturally before beginning the synthetic replacement.  i feel for him, and my girls, and my family and friends, as they will likely be chipping in more to hold up my end of the bargain.  and my gosh, they seem to have already started.  i feel so extremely lucky to have so many texts and calls and prayers being sent up; amazingly delicious meals delivered every day; fun and thoughtful gifts surprisingly dropped off.  i am truly blessed and so very thankful.

i am home, in the comforts of my family, lounging and recovering in my jammies, napping and reading and taking long baths and showers and listening to the sounds of my girls giggling with their dad.  so far, this recovery has been much better than the first surgery.  i was more awake after the surgery, i am more mobile, i did not have to be catheterized post-surgery (hallelujah!), i was able to come home without the dreaded drainage tube to manage (double hallelujah!), i have been on no prescription pain meds since leaving the hospital.  what can i contribute this all to?  not really sure.  perhaps it was the hour-and-a-half hot stone, deep tissue massage i gifted to myself 2 days pre-surgery that allowed me to be stretched and relaxed.  maybe it was the extra strength i've gained over the last 2 months from knowing i was facing a tough road ahead with no choice but to tackle it.  maybe it was mostly from all the prayer warriors out there.

whatever it is, i am doing well.  and i will soak up these last moments of our winter break, especially if snowmageddon hits and we get a bonus snow day or 2.  

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