Wednesday, November 20, 2013


how sweet is this little one?
   photo Kendallnewborn-1_zps7a84a0e2.jpg

our friends, megan & tom, welcomed kendall right before halloween.  i first met her in the hospital the night she was born, and she was so very sleepy.  i knew at 6 days old when i came to take her photos that she would  likely sleepy most of the time again.  wrong.

 photo Kendallnewborn-2_zps4849c9f8.jpg

she may have cat napped a few minutes here and there, particularly in her mama's arms, but that little lady had one eye on me the entire time.  she preferred to be swaddled, pacifier in place, and held.  when those three were not in perfect order, she was up.  but i forgave her.  i mean, look how sweet she is.

 photo kendall3_zps9ef4a7ad.jpg  photo kendall1_zpsbc8de55c.jpg

and she is adored by her big brothers.

 photo kendall2_zpsaefde3f3.jpg
 photo Kendallnewborn-6_zpsf994f0d5.jpg

life is so amazing.  looking at this tiny little angel, i just stare in awe and wonder.  how precious we all are.

 photo Kendallnewborn-12_zps4afdd05f.jpg photo kendall4_zps27c28c52.jpg  photo Kendallnewborn-13_zpsdaff8080.jpg  photo kendall5_zps997a2cac.jpg

megan & tom, congratulations on your beautiful bundle of love.  i wish you many happy days and peaceful, slumber-filled nights.

 photo Kendallnewborn-19_zps7271e702.jpg

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