Friday, November 22, 2013

apples to apples

apple picking is one of my favorite autumn activities, and surprisingly, it's taken me 2 months to post the pictures about it.  call it life getting in the way and making our days pretty busy.  alas, here is our cool, crisp, sweet fall apple-pickin' morning.

 photo apples-2_zpse54ab5c5.jpg  photo apple1_zps3213bf9c.jpg  photo apples-13_zps2d533fca.jpg  photo apples-8_zpsf9734f2f.jpg

crosby double fisted those apples the entire time, dropping one after several bites only to pick another and fill her empty hand.  she wandered the orchard in pure happiness, and seemed to have an amazing time.  especially when daddy started tossing the apples over to harper and mama to put in the wagon, and she decided to imitate him.

 photo apple2_zps015255e1.jpg  photo apple3_zps9e1c86cb.jpg  photo apple4_zps90cae214.jpg

harper, on the other hand, chose her apples to munch on more cautiously, picking the ones that only looked the yummiest.  she accessorized for the jaunt, purse filled with essentials, including her tool set pliers, for which she used to carefully pluck each apple off of its perch.

 photo apple5_zps3f2426d1.jpg  photo apples-12_zpsafa3b2c4.jpg

each year, this trip becomes more and more important to me to keep up.  the memories we're building for them, the traditions we're laying.  it's what family is all about.

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Kellie said...

Always love your apple pics!