Monday, November 11, 2013

fall family of five.

you may remember this family from last fall.  pat and jeni have been friends with michael and i since college.  since then, they've added 3 kiddos and a whole lot of love.  i was happy to be asked to take their pictures again this year.  we somehow managed to wrangle them all together for a family and a kids photo, but it took a lot of laughs and trials and running around.  and it was a whole lot of fun.  i truly enjoyed our morning you fun family of five!

 photo patterson4_zpsff69a673.jpg  photo patterson1_zps24e1f717.jpg  photo patterson2_zpsf01078f7.jpg  photo patterson5_zpsb98c45b1.jpg  photo patterson3_zpsa234c50a.jpg  photo Pattersonfamily-4_zps59fb3537.jpg

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