Sunday, November 17, 2013


our niece, emma, is already 1. seems like only yesterday my sister-in-law and brother-in-law were welcoming her into their arms.
   photo Emmacakesmash-1_zps0d6d9143.jpg

to celebrate her big day, we had a little party. and no first birthday is complete without a cake smash.
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i love the cake smash. it's such a rite of passage. from the first questioning looks and hesitant taste to the inevitable parental forcing of the hand into the cake to encourage the kiddo to try a bit more. then the realization that this bright, colorful, smooshy thing in front of me is actually quite tasty, and the dive in with all gusto, can't get it to my mouth quickly enough, not caring that it's now all over my face and hair. it's sort of magical to watch.
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we as adults are sending an is your first taste of the sweet life, child. the good stuff.
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enjoy it.
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and remember that sometimes in life, it's ok to eat dessert first.
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happy first birthday, sweet girl.

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