Tuesday, September 4, 2012

first day of school

today we went back to school.  i returned for the 4th year to my office and students and a job i truly enjoy.  harper started her second year of preschool, and crosby her second year in the infant/toddler room.  last year in preschool, there were many tears and lots of hand holding and not wanting to let mama go.  this year, just a kiss and a hug and a wave good-bye, and then giggling off to play with her friends.  last year, crosby was just under 6 months, one of the many babes that filled the room.  this year, she toddled in on 2 feet, talking away with the other littles, and getting called harper more times that not.  (i get it.  i was called heather by my middle school language arts teacher so often that she started giving me a piece of candy each time she made the mistake.  i ate a lot of candy those 2 years.)

i love back to school.  new pencils.  new crayons.  a fresh start.  reading, writing, arithmetic.

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thanks to pinterest, i think lots of mamas started off this school year with pictures of their babies standing next to an easel, or holding a chalkboard, or a printed off sign with their grade, the date, their handwritten name, their future dreams.

i am one of those mamas.  and yes, she wants to be a mermaid.  and she can write her name fantastically well at 4 years old.


i see lots of changes in harper from this year to last.  i see pride in her work.  i see more trying.  i see more independence.  i see love and happy.


in crosby, i see love and happy.  i see determination.  i see wonder, and that is my absolute favorite thing in a child.  i continue to strive for it in my own life even now.


i am so thankful and lucky that my girls go to school in the same building that i work in.  i get to peek in on their daily activities, most times without them knowing i'm watching.  they grow and learn, and i get to see it happen.

wishing all of you a happy and healthy school year!


angela said...

Have a wonderful back-to-school! (all three of you!)

yourfriendrobin said...

What adorable girls. I have two boys with musician-inspired names, myself: Miles and Lennon. The pictures on your blog are so beautiful.