Sunday, May 2, 2010


when it rains, it pours. this weekend has been the rainy kind, in more ways than one. what was supposed to be a busy, fun-filled weekend with lots of things to do turned into a weekend of mostly being at home with a sickie little girl and parents who tried to get out of the house here and there just to avoid going mad from being cooped up.

we were set to head out to dinner with friends friday night, run errands to pick out items for our kitchen renovation saturday morning before picking her up from nana's overnight stay, head out to the green fair downtown saturday afternoon and head up to east lansing for the heart of a spartan 5k that we were running in with the jogging stroller sunday morning. but, things did not go as so. harper kicked out a 104 degree fever friday afternoon, that left me frantically calling the pediatrician, giving her medicine and snuggling her up on the couch. this is when parenting is tough and challenging. while i would do anything in the world for harper, michael and i looked forward to an evening out with adult conversation and the ability to sleep through the night and maybe even sleep in a little longer than usual. but that just wasn't to be. instead we lounged on the couch, ordered pizza (cause i hadn't planned a dinner) and crashed early in case it was going to be a long night.

we did manage to get to the green fair for a little while saturday late afternoon, despite the actual overcast and occasional rainy weather.

and of course, more walking in the sunday morning rains and stomping in puddles.

we were gifted an easel from my sister, who held onto it from when my nephews were little. i am so excited about it! we tried out some paints today.

and michael was able to complete the 5k while harper and i slept in. i actually brought her into bed with me when she awoke at 5:30 am for the first time. i've always wanted her to sleep with us, but i did not want to start a bad habit. there's just no room for the 3 of us. but it was a nice treat, except that she asked to go back there to take her nap and cried for a minute when i took her to her crib instead. in the end, it was better that we didn't go to the run. taking a feverish little so far from home and pushing her in a stroller for a 30 minute jog (ok, ok, 35 minutes) outside in the rain, even with a stroller cover, would most likely have proved miserable for all of us. it was just disappointing that our plans had to change. it's my nature to get all uncomfortable when things don't go the way they were planned. i'm not the go with the flow type of person.

but i am pretty proud of my husband.

thanks, jacque, for the photo! way to go michael, katie and chad!

harper appeared to be feeling better by this evening. her fever seems to be gone, for now. we managed to make it out for a family grocery outing and dinner at whole foods. i guess looking back, it turned out to be a good weekend, being able to snuggle up inside while listening to the rain pelting our windows. and i wouldn't trade additional qt with harper for the world.

on a side note, harper is super proud of herself that she is now able to stack these cups by herself! and she's also learning to identify her alphabet letters and fits them into our floor puzzle. i'm amazed how fast she's learning and growing.

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christina said...

aww, hope she's feeling better. Even when life gives you a 104 fever, throw on your sassy red shoes and wear the cutest little pony tail, and somehow everything's just a little better :)