Sunday, March 21, 2010

weekend in review

MSU advances to the sweet sixteen- need i say more!? actually, i didn't watch the games, with the exception of having michael rewind the last 30 seconds of sunday's game so i could say that i watched them win. hee, hee. i love msu, don't get me wrong. it's where michael and i met and fell in love. but to sit and watch a game for 2 hours, i just can't do it. there's too much to do!
here are a few weekend highlights:
  • a bike ride to the library and the local dairy queen on friday after work

  • daddy-daughter time at the local kids playspot while mommy saw a couple private clients

  • spring cleaning! steam cleaning the area rugs, dusting off the blinds and opening the windows, vacumming vacuuming vacuuming, deep cleaning the fridge and freezer, moving the too-young toys to the basement and moving some of the other ones up

  • family trip to whole foods for weekly grocery shopping and dinner saturday night

  • snuggling up on the couch for a movie

  • spontaneous trip to the playground with our neighbors and good friends, chad, jacque and their almost 3-year-old son, hunter, on sunday

  • cooking in the kitchen sunday afternoon for our weekly meals, while harper assisted with the dish washing (playing in the water- one of her favorite things to do)

and firsts:

  • our first family bike ride of the season

  • harper's first ice cream cone- she's had ice cream before, but not her own cone. she loved it and ate almost the entire thing. although she did share a little bit with us.

  • harper's first full-blown-lay-on-the-floor-kicking-and-screaming tantrum. (she didn't want to come inside.)
  • my first batch of homemade tomato sauce, for our italian meals and homemade pizzas

what a great weekend. every minute was busy, but it was nice to spend almost all of our waking hours together as a family. our weekdays get so wrapped up in daycare and work and errands, it's nice to reconnect over the weekends to put things into perspective-how important family is, and how not important chores are over spending time and laughing together.

looking forward to more spring weather enjoyment...together.


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