Saturday, March 13, 2010

sick sick sick?

does this girl look sick to you??

you wouldn't know that 16 hours ago she was in the doctor's office with a 102 degree fever and an enterovirus. she was listless, quiet and cuddly. she actually fell asleep on my chest for a quick nap on the couch, something she hasn't done since she was weeks old. (and i loved it, and soaked in that moment.) the pediatrician told us the fever and intestinal issues could last up to 10 days, so i was prepared for a weekend of couch snuggling with my little. she went to bed last night and slept almost 12 hours straight without a peep. and then she was up at 6:30 am asking for oatmeal, and her temp was way down. after breakfast, she's done something she hasn't done in a few months (and something i have not indulged in frequently at all)- she climbed up onto the chair in the family room and said i watch tv?! . ugh, this is starting already? we put on a show that she has enjoyed before and i think is slightly educational and fun (jack's big music show) and she danced around in her seat and followed all the moves. are we experiencing the calm before the storm returns?

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