Saturday, March 6, 2010

curly q

i love harper's hair...sometimes. last night we washed it, which we only do a few times a week. michael washed and combed it and we put her to bed. and she woke up with the most amazing hair this morning. i was truly envious. her hair has been getting longer and curlier (which she gets from michael), but only in the middle of the back. the pieces on the side just hang down poker straight (thanks to my genes), and it drives me nuts. and then it hangs in her face, and as a girlfriend of mine recently said about her daughter's hair "i just don't want to commit her to bangs yet" because if you're committed to them without being in agreement, it could be disastrous in terms of growing up girl. but this morning, all i wanted to do was play with her hair, and kiss her head and inhale that delicious smell of burt's bees baby bee shampoo (which is amazingly yummy, and non-toxic to boot!) and take pictures of the sunshine streaming through her golden locks. her hair made me desire to get down on the ground and play dolls and princess and dress-up and have a pillow fight on our bed. it's amazing how a good hair day can make you feel, even though it's not mine.

i have to capture and hold onto these moments while i have them. soon enough, she'll be asking to do her hair herself. standing in front of the mirror with her brush, spray bottle of water, hairspray and slew of ponytail holders and barrettes, struggling to put each hair in the right place and crying in frustration when she can't get it right and there's a bump on the top of her head that just won't go away (a precious memory from my own childhood).

among many other wonderful things, i wish for harper a lifetime of good hair days. and if not, there are always hats.

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