Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3 years in the making

i picked up a new hobby of knitting about 3 years ago. i knitted a whole bunch of nothings. got a lot of projects started and then never quite finished, except for a purse that i made for my sister's birthday that first year of my hobby. one of my projects was a pair of baby booties, for our future child, started soon after i found out i was pregnant. i bought 2 skeins of soft, fuzzy yarn-one in pink and one in blue. i was going to knit 2 pairs, to be prepared for either gender. i decided to start with the pink pair, as i secretly was hoping for a girl. i finished one pink, fluffy bootie, started on the next, and then had a miscarriage. and i abandoned my project. i didn't feel like i could go back to finishing the pair when i had just experienced a huge loss. it was too heart wrenching.

when i found out i was pregnant again, i didn't want to start up on the project for fear of jinxing something, though i wasn't sure what. we waited with breaths held, finally heard the heartbeat, felt the tiny kicks, and in july, our beautiful little girl was born. and of course, with a newborn and a million other things to juggle, the bootie sat and sat, collecting dust under the bed. i had been meaning to get back to finishing that one baby bootie, but the knitting needles had been out of my hands for too long and i thought my project was too much to tackle on my first go round after sitting out of the game for close to 3 years.

but then i was inspired to make a special little something for a special little-to-be who lives far away, and so i chatted up my friend, candice. she is an expert knitter and gave me some great tips to get started. so, i have the skeins and the motivation, but bought the wrong size needle. i'm exchanging it this week, and will begin to tackle this project before the weekend. (details cannot be shared until the secret project has been completed and is in the hands of the receiver. spoiled surprises are just no fun.) but in the meantime, i decided to pick up and start again on the bootie so i could get some practice again before i jumped on my other project. and i actually finished! they are not perfect in the slightest, but they are complete. and they will look yummy on baby feet.

this is the mess of yarn as my last bootie awaits to be finished

and here is the finished product! these are, in fact, booties if you can't tell.

and here is the yarn, just awaiting my needles to get started and those first knits to be cast on. these colors remind me of spring.

more updates on my project to come...

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Kellie said...

Great work! I'll be calling on you for knitting advice:) I started booties once, too, but I didn't get nearly as far as you did!