Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I went running a few weekends ago with a dear friend.  we talked about our worries, how being a mama is difficult, how sleep is such a commodity during these days of little ones, the big decisions we have to make about preschool vs kindergarten and girls vs boys, the importance of girlfriends.  it was a refreshing and empowering 2.7 mile run-walk, considering i haven't run in months.  running on the country roads, passing by a horse and rider, drinking in the rare 57-degree sunshiny weather.  it was uplifting.

on my drive home, i noticed a sign at a crossroads and made the decision then and there to make 2013 the year to choose joy.  no matter what, i will choose joy.  when life throws you lemons, i will choose joy.  i choose to make life happy and positive.

i posted with these words, "joy can be found whichever way you go."  and i truly believe that.  and i hope you do, too.


bare with me while i blog my way through our holiday.  not certain where the time went.  but i do know that my computer has more room for the photos we took, and is ready for more posts.

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