Monday, January 28, 2013

first 25 days

we are off from school for a snow day today, so we're doing little more than playing, making muffins, catching up on lounging around and staying in pjs.  but i wanted to share these images from a project i'm working on.

i decided at the first of the year to take a photo of each girl every day and post it in instagram (if you haven't found this app, do it.  its amazingly cool and fun.)  i call my daily posts "the harper project 365" and "the crosby project 365." my goal is by the end of the year to put them into a photo album for each girl to look back on their 2013.  

yesterday, i had 2 hours in a local coffee shop by myself (as part a coupon book from last year's valentine's day gift from michael that i still haven't used up) and i was able to complete the first page for each girl.  i'm glad i accomplished that, because doing this huge task at the end of the year would have been so daunting and i know i would have kept putting it off and it wouldn't get done.  but by doing it in 25 day chunks, it's more manageable.  so, here they are.  our first 25 days of 2013 a la instagram.  enjoy and happy snow!

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