Friday, November 16, 2012

little mermaid

last friday night, my girl and i had a mommy-daughter date.  i told her about it the night before, and she was super excited for it.  to be honest, so was i.  she even made me a bead necklace at school that day.  

it all started because harper has been telling us she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up for several months.  michael found an event at our local rec center, and proposed taking harper.  i thought it was a fabulous idea.

we geared up for our mermaid splash bash, and got ready to meet and swim with mermaid luna.  harper got to try on a mermaid fin, and because of all of her excellent swimming lessons, she was able to get around pretty well.  we swam around for a bit, chatted up luna, and took some underwater professional photos.

afterwards, i treated her to a peppermint hot chocolate by the fire to warm up.  we sat in comfy chairs and giggled and talked.  i have visions of continuing to do this as she grows up, and am looking forward to more in depth conversations about life and love and dreams.

for now, i'll keep her little and cherish her a whole bunch.

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