Saturday, November 10, 2012

importance, a la instagram

on tuesday, i took my girls with me to vote in the presidential election.  i prepared myself for long lines, packed my purse with phone and earphones, ipad and snacks.  turns out we only had to wait 10 minutes or so, but i wasn't certain of the state of the girls after a full school day, so mama always has to be at the ready (and believe me, i am not always at the ready).  harper asked a few questions, about what voting was and why we were doing it and who was the president and what the united states of america was (more and more questions popped up as i was trying to explain the first ones), and i did my best to provide answers on the importance of having a voice and exercising our rights as citizens.  in the end, she was excited that she got to put the ballot in the machine, that she and crosby got stickers and that she saw her friend, hunter, voting with his mama, too.  it wasn't the easiest excursion, but it was of utmost importance for them to see our right to vote.

the day was also important to me for another reason.  i participated in a spinning class.  not an unusual thing, but this day was more special.  after spinning 1-2 times per week, give or take most weeks, since last november, i needed to kick it up a notch.  the studio was offering a discounted ride card if you took 12 classes in 30 days.  i decided to set a goal for myself.  tuesday was my 12th class, and i kicked its behind, hitting watts higher than i've ever met.  that morning, i also received an e-mail from the studio wishing me a happy anniversary- 1 year since my first ride in that studio to the day.  

my pride leaving that studio that night matched my pride completing the bubbles on the ballot hours earlier.  both exercising my rights.  both showing my girls how to be a strong, healthy, important american who matters.

that evening succumbed to a stripey dance party.  in celebrations til next time...

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