Sunday, May 8, 2011

rootin'-tootin' mama

happy mother's day! we here at the petrous household have had a wonderful one. more photos to come another day, but a quick post for my special sunday.

after getting to sleep in, i awoke to a favorite breakfast (strawberry-banana crepes) and coffee with a new flavored creamer (almond joy- yum!) on the table and my husband and girls joining me for our morning meal.


i got to open the most perfect card hand-picked by harper. i'm told by michael that when she saw it, her eyes lit up just as much as they did when she found buzz in her easter basket.

the best part? it sings you've got a friend in me each time you open it. it's my most favorite card i've ever received. because i know how much she loves it, and that she chose it just for me out of the hundreds of paper greetings she perused at hallmark.

and crosby has given me a very special mama's day gift as well. my first photo of her fabulous smile. she's been giving them to me quite often since tuesday, and they're getting easier and easier to get out of her. my heart literally leaps from my chest each time i get this reaction.


{sigh} as i've said earlier, i'm one lucky mama.

my other gift? a vitamix! photos to come, because i received this a bit earlier in the week. and we've been using it all week to make some very yummy concoctions.

here's wishing you all had a rootin'-tootin' mama's day, too! yee-haw!

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Christina said...

ah!!! That smile is just the greatest :) Happy Mom's Day --I'm blessed to call you a Mommy friend!