Sunday, January 2, 2011

good for something

harper is a joy. she's always good for a snuggle and some love. but we've also discovered she's great for a laugh, and we're bound to laugh with her or at something she says or does at least once a day. her school has even commented on several occasions that they will miss her comic relief when she moves on to preschool next year. yesterday, we had quite a belly buster.

an hour into her nap, when we could still hear on the monitor that she wasn't even close to settling down and i could see her standing and jumping in her crib (yes, still in a crib, but transitioning to a big girl bed next weekend!), michael went in to try and get her settled. she fought back, and just as he was turning to leave to try to get her to put herself to sleep, i heard lots of laughter. i went it to investigate, and all he could do was point.

here's what we discovered...


she had taken off her nappie and placed it on george before re-zippering herself up in her jammies. she couldn't understand why we we both had to take a seat for fear we'd fall over with chuckles. when we asked where her nappie was, she told us that george needed it. i have to admit it was a pretty darn good diapering job. she may just be lining herself up for a gig when this little one arrives in 3 months.


so proud of herself. needless to say, she didn't nap after that. i just had to pick her up and give her loving for the joy and happiness she brings to our lives every day.

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