Sunday, November 30, 2008

first taste

harper got her first taste of yummy rice cereal! we decided to give it a try, and low and behold, she loved it. it took her a minute to get the taste of the new food, but she was eager for more- stretching her arms and making mmmmm noises. she even helped daddy get the spoon to her mouth. looks like we'll be keeping this up...

the first spoonful...

she likes it!


here daddy, let me help you.

she seemed to like chewing the spoon, until she gagged herself.

ok, you can have the spoon back so i can get another bite.

this isn't the last bite, is it?

mom, do you want some?

that was so yummy! i can't wait for dinner tomorrow night.

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Nine Months And Forever said...

Hi Emily! It's Danielle from NMF. You little peanut is sooo cute! I love your blog! Hope to see you at the next meeting! XO Danielle