Saturday, January 30, 2016

project 366 week 4

onto week 4 of the project- it hasn't yet become a hassle and is starting to become a habit.  i think the day before or that morning if we have anything exciting or any plans on the day's agenda that i can grab a photo of.  if not, then i try and bring my camera out during regular downtimes.  with school, work and after school activities, it's not always the best light and can sometimes be a quick shot just to make sure we get one, but i try to get a real life moment.  

all shots this week were real life moments with the exception of the jumping shot, as that was practice for my flash class (all done now!).  in the others, the girls may have been aware of my camera being out, but i didn't ask them to pose, meaning those tongues sticking out were they're own idea. 

our week included a snuggly movie night, a mall trip with a favorite treat to end it, a couple home days with some crafting using our kiwi crate because i got the "i'm bored" excuse, a dancer who wanted more snuggles and attention during watch week than she actually wanted to show me her dance, a couple helpful subjects for my final class assignment, a double ear infection, and lots and lots of homework this week.  

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