Sunday, December 20, 2015

is that you, santa claus?

my girls were both a little leery of visiting santa this year.  harper just didn't want to go, and crosby didn't want to sit on his lap.  they both pondered what they would even tell him they wanted for christmas, even though they had both written out lists weeks ago with every detailed item that was desired.  but, in holiday tradition, we went.  i found a new santa location, without being in the mall and without being forced to purchase a photo package.  

harper knows there are santa helpers all around, and was convinced this wasn't the actual santa because his beard was too short.  either way, he was a great one.  he was able to convince crosby to get close by playing a musical wind-up watch.  it was a quick visit, enough to tell santa that harper wanted film for her polaroid camera and crosby wanted pj masks character toys.  santa was shocked that harper had a polaroid camera, and he had never heard of pj masks, so we knew that he wasn't the real one.  the real santa knows all.  but i tell the girls all the time that you just never know where santa is, when he's watching, and what magic he's tossing around.

i love this time of year.  it refreshes my soul, and puts me in the right place to just be mindful of all that we have.  the magic and wonder through our girls' eyes, the sparkly joy that lies around us everywhere, the beauty of giving to others.

a merry early christmas with lots of love to all.

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