Monday, December 21, 2015

cookie monsters

'tis december, and the month of cookies.  5 years ago, i started one of my favorite traditions- a cookie party with close friends- and it still remains one of my very favorite nights of the month and something i put on the calendar months before december actually rolls around and anyone is thinking about the christmas holiday.  each person brings half-dozen homemade cookies packaged up to share with each friend who comes, as well as a recipe card, and has to explain the meaning behind their cookie choice.  peppermint martinis are poured.  appetizers and cookies are tasted.  prizes are awarded.  and then we have several dozen cookies in a variety to nibble on and share with others over the next few weeks before the holidays.  it's simply the best.

another tradition we started after harper was born was making sugar cookies for santa.  i used to do all the decorating myself, but in the past several years, i have eager helpers anxious to get their hands into frosting and sprinkles.  we've invited friends over occasionally to help, and share in the wealth.  this year, our very good friends, lucy and molly, came over to help.  lu and harper were more interested in eating the sprinkles after decorating a few cookies each.  molly and crosby only wanted to decorate their one cookie to eat, after all, the toys and play time together were just beckoning them too much.  

my girls decorated a handful before our friends arrived.  and in the end, it was the mamas who were left to decorate more than half.  we also had to sample a few of them as we chatted and sipped our starbucks.  

i always love the finished products.  we prefer to make the frosting in more fun off-the-holiday-tradition colors, but keep the sprinkles mostly in standard reds, greens and whites.  and we always set aside our favorites for the santa plate, this year it was the ones with the most decor on top because we assume santa likes sprinkles.  i hope we're right.

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