Wednesday, May 1, 2013

windy city

a mere two months later, and i'm finally posting about our weekend jaunt in chicago.  i referenced in back in february, as this weekend was michael's birthday gift.  i had so many pictures i wanted to post, i think i was overwhelmed.  so warning...picture overload.

we took the early morning train, and the girls had a blast.  it was so nice not stressing over traffic and being tied down to our seats.  granted, you are completely on someone else's time, and train time is often lengthy and delayed, but it kick started our weekend nicely.  as we approached the city, the girls peered out at the skyline and anxiously asked what was next on our agenda.

 photo untitled-3_zps596e8a89.jpg  photo untitled-4_zpsee987557.jpg  photo untitled-7_zpse456867d.jpg  photo untitled-13_zps5cd17863.jpg

we decided to just start walking towards our hotel once we arrived at union station, figuring we could always grab a cab if it got too much.  we walked with stroller, luggage, hungry kids in tow, enjoying the cold wind and the sights of an amazing city with tall buildings, and ended up walking the entire way.

 photo untitled-50_zpscb7bb0f3.jpg  photo chicagobackdrop1_zpscd2335c5.jpg  photo untitled-15_zpsb01f39d0.jpg

once we settled into the hotel, we ventured back out to shedd's aquarium for the afternoon, and a classic chicago-style pizza dinner, then retreated back to the hotel room exhausted.  we all snuggled into the king bed and called it a night.

 photo untitled-16_zps71e5c58a.jpg  photo untitled-22_zpsa2d6bed9.jpg

the next morning found the streets windy and freezing cold.  we bundled the girls up in the stroller (all 3 of them) and headed out for breakfast at my favorite cafe, corner bakery.  not a chicago-original, but a place i love to go when we're out of town.  after breakfast, we headed to the meca of doll land...american girl.  i think we were all a bit overwhelmed.

 photo untitled-32_zps57acacaf.jpg  photo untitled-35_zps5d57ced4.jpg  photo untitled-37_zps18e3dfeb.jpg

harper knew she could pick out one outfit.  she scanned the magazine before we went to the store and knew what she wanted.  she picked it out and we were good to go.  easy peasy.

 photo americandoll1_zpsf99b563b.jpg

and afterwards, they both cashed out.  so we decided to walk all the way to navy pier to visit the children's museum.

 photo americandoll2_zps8092e9e9.jpg  photo untitled-54_zps7ce26f31.jpg  photo untitled-60_zps27f7b03c.jpg  photo untitled-85_zpsd3563bcb.jpg  photo untitled-89_zps6b38437b.jpg  photo untitled-91_zps8e03391c.jpg  photo untitled-98_zps575f3ce9.jpg  photo handson1_zpscc552367.jpg  photo untitled-102_zps8b230b87.jpg  photo untitled-104_zps70adf03c.jpg  photo crosbyhandson_zpsa36d1fa2.jpg  photo untitled-105_zps36fd0468.jpg  photo untitled-116_zps624b4ae6.jpg  photo untitled-118_zpsbf2b5582.jpg  photo untitled-121_zps5f8dd95c.jpg  photo untitled-131_zpse1cd8c9d.jpg  photo untitled-138_zps63969d65.jpg

later that evening we went back out for dinner and picked up frozen yogurt for the hotel.  we bundled back up in warm jammies after freezing our buns off all day in the windy city, and snuggled in for a movie in bed.  we were all cashed before it was over.

 photo untitled-142_zpsd6cd65b1.jpg  photo untitled-147_zps082fbde7.jpg

on our final morning, we ate breakfast at corner bakery (again) and the walked to millennium park, home of the famous bean structure.  so cool!

 photo untitled-160_zpscbbb2c12.jpg  photo untitled-164_zps845e5d1f.jpg  photo untitled-168_zps697f57dc.jpg  photo untitled-170_zpsb338d738.jpg  photo untitled-173_zpsd98af8a0.jpg

both girls fell asleep again, which made the decision for us to walk to the train station.  we had the time, we had the energy, we had sleeping children.

 photo untitled-178_zps879a9de2.jpg  photo cityme_zps72357747.jpg

and while the train ride home was delayed for over an hour due to a broken train car that needed replacing, we had a fantastic time.  albeit a quick jaunt, and bitter cold, it was a weekend full of relaxing and enjoying each other.  cheers to the windy city.

 photo untitled-52_zps2ac5c6c2.jpg

and because i never leave home without my phone, and it has become my primary camera as of late, as well as my love of instagram, here are my phone photos...
i warned you about the picture overload.  apologies.  i will also forewarn you that the next posts will likely be out of order.  i need to catch up, but i may not do it logically.  that's just how i'm functioning lately.

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