Tuesday, August 7, 2012

houston, we have a walker

ironic how things work out.  how timing can be everything.  if it would have been last monday, only just a week ago, michael would have missed tonight's big event.  if he would have stayed at work just 10 minutes more to finish up that big presentation he's working on, he wouldn't have seen her proud smile and confidence to finally make those steps and keep going.

our little crosby is officially walking.

IMG 3445 from Emily Petrous on Vimeo.

(side note: please ignore the high-pitched, squeaky commentating i felt needed to accompany this milestone moment.  i'm not at my best. ;) )

she's taken a couple steps here and there, but nothing more than a foot or so.  but her sleep has been erratic lately and her appetite somewhat off, so i knew it had to be coming soon.  but to see it happening in the moment, in those first monumental steps, was nothing short of amazing.  it was exactly like it was with harper.  she stood, smiling and laughing as she normally does, thinking she is quite the cool little girl.  she took one step.  she took another.  and then she continued going, her gait wide, her steps awkward, her hands out to her sides.  she cruised from the living room to the kitchen to the dining room to the hallway to the living room in a circle- around and around and around.  falling down only a few times but getting right back up again.  clapping when we clapped.  laughing and squealing while we laughed and cheered.  and she didn't stop until we wrangled her into her highchair for dinner.  and then it started again until bathtime.

quite a big day this august 6th is for us.  michael's first week after finishing his mba.  crosby's first steps.  oh, and top of it, the day we sold our house.  yes, that's correct.  not long after crosby's cruise, we got a call from our realtor that after countering twice, we came to an agreement with the buyers and the first step is out of the way.  on to the appraisal and the inspection, and pending those going well, we'll close early september.

so now, it's on to finding a place to move.  no small feet feat.  : )


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness so happy!!! I can't get over her clapping and smiling and giggling -- not to mention how clear her "Hi!" is now! AH what a great week for the four of you. :) Congrats Emily & Michael, and Harper & Crosby too!

Kellie said...

She is sooo precious. Made me cry watching her proud steps (how can she be so big?!). So happy for you guys all around. Love, Kell