Thursday, October 1, 2015

oh boy (or girl)...

either way, we're happy and feeling blessed!  the petrous family is expanding and were expecting baby #3!

i have always wanted 3 or 4 littles. michael has been happy with our 2.  we were finally ready to really talk about that possibility of growing our family when, bam, cancer hit and took our plans with it.  fast forward to a 15 months later in february of this year, when we found ourselves at my 1 year follow up appointment and were able to ask the doctor when we could try again.  he gave us the go ahead and within a month, i was pregnant.  we were happy, but nervous. i made it to a 6 week appointment, and an ultrasound where we saw our babe moving and the heart beating. things looked good.  but 2 weeks later, at our next checkup, things weren't so good. the heart was no longer beating. we were heartbroken, and I was scheduled for a d&c on may 1.  

we had to give my body time to heal following the surgery, but by july i was pregnant again. we were extra nervous this time.  and i was in the doctor every couple weeks just checking on progress. and i was sick. gosh was i sick. good signs, but it was exhausting. we made it to 12 weeks, and we were ready to share our news. 

so were our most excited girls.

so, welcome to our new journey!  life with 2 beautiful growing girls and another little on the way.  can't wait to share it all here.  

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