Friday, July 24, 2015


 harper seemed more interested in camps this year, art camps in particular.  she is drawn to coloring, drawing, creating, and says she wants to be an illustrator when she grows up.  so we tried out this new studio close to us, and had nothing but positive experiences all week.

harper took the camp with her friend, lucy, and there were only 2 other campers.  groups this small are what harper prefers.  she often gets overwhelmed and nervous when groups are too big and she doesn't know many people, until she accesses the situation and eventually gains more confidence and gets more comfortable.

the kids were able to express themselves all week in any manner they wanted.  there were planned activities, but when those lead to other ideas brought up by the kids, the fabulous teacher went with it and allowed them the freedom of expression.  

on the last day, which happened to be harper's birthday, the teachers had hung up a banner they made.  afterwards, we all celebrated with a walk to get some ice cream.    

i couldn't have been more pleased with everything about this camp.  i think it is for certain one camp that harper enjoyed the most.

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