Thursday, April 2, 2015

next to me

continuing the april challenge for today- i love taking on little challenges that get me out of my comfort zone.  i just upgraded my camera in february, and have been wanting to play, but i hate just snapping photos for the heck of it, because then i have 300 photos and don't want to edit them.  i have to have a purpose.  and now i do.

today's prompt was {next to me}.  i set up our tripod and asked the girls to help.  coffee is always seeming to be next to me lately, and so are my little girls.  crosby wasn't feeling well this morning and resisted at first, but when she saw the fun harper and i were having, she wanted to join in.  harper loved being able to take first glance at the shot we just got using the self-timer, so she was more than happy to keep trying.  she told me several times, "you're not looking at the camera, mom, we have to re-do this." silly one.  sometimes, that's the idea i have in my head is not to look at the camera.  here's my favorite and what i posted to instagram.

the most amazing thing about these photos this morning is that we actually had time to do them.  and i wasn't rushing to just fit them in, but we took our time and you can't see any stress or anxiety or on-the-verge-of-tearsness on anyone.  this was just a calm morning, when both girls had woken up early enough that breakfast was done and cleaned up.  lunches were packed and set in backpacks by the door.  teeth were brushed. and we just had time to play.  it sets the intention for our day so much better when our mornings go this smoothly, rather than rushing out the door with yells and demands and screams and tears.  i long for these mornings.  they don't happen often, but i enjoy them in my mind over and over when they do.

these were the outtakes.  still favorites.

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