Saturday, February 14, 2015

hearts galore

valentine's day is my favorite holiday.  not my favorite time of year, by any means, with all the snow, freezing wind and ice outside, but a fun little holiday filled with brights and reds and pinks and love make the february brutal weather a bit more tolerable.  it's something to brighten up the inside and something to look forward to after the hustle and bustle of the christmas holiday.  

this year, we left gifts for the girls on the table.  bubble bath, chocolates, hot chocolate and froyo gift cards, a snuggly bunny for crosby and a lego for harper.  

i make sure to decorate the house as much as i can.  throw all the pinks and reds on as much surface as possible i say.

we make special breakfasts- this year, chocolate pancakes with sprinkles.  

we played games, and lazed around for a bit before harper's yoga class and our afternoon photo shoot at a local studio (more on that tomorrow).

that evening, we planned a special dinner.  michael grilled steaks outside, all bundled up in the freezing wind (he loves us).  harper was in charge of the dessert- chocolate covered strawberries.

they were perfect- just like our day, just like our family.  happy valentine's day!   

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