Sunday, March 9, 2014


i am home.  and as exhausted as the last 2 days have been, it's a good kind of exhaustion.  i missed this.  i missed being a mom and breaking up arguments and running from room to room to fetch this or fix that.  i missed their never-ending hugs and kisses and i love you mom.  i missed being home.

i drove home saturday morning, and knocked on the door.  michael had told the girls that a babysitter was coming over for his doctor appointment.  from the front porch, the first thing i heard was crosby's sweet little voice.  mama!  is that mama?  michael opened the door, and i saw the brightest smile ever.  mama!  is mama home?  how are you feeling?  i dropped to my knees, swallowed her in a giant hug and kissed and kissed and kissed.  

harper reacted a bit differently.  she was more upset that michael had tricked her and told her a sitter was coming.  she pouted on the step and resisted a hug.  but she was excited to show me my poster, and the candy she bought for me as a homecoming present.

we didn't plan for much this weekend, nothing more than naps, playing, some light chores, reading, watching movies, dance parties, church, a trip to lowes, and just being together.  at breakfast out sunday morning, michael casually asked how i was doing.  i told him one word.  happy.

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Kellie said...

This make me happy, too:)