Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the harper & crosby project - november 2013

i can't believe this instagram monthly project is almost over.  it's been a labor of love for sure.  i debated this week what to do next year, wondering if i should try it again as i poured over the photos from january of this year the other night.  i love looking back to moments i've forgotten about and things my girls have said, thankful that i've at least documented it somewhere.  i'm pretty terrible at scrapbooks and keeping memories together.  the girls' baby books are literally just journals, where the first pages document their birth stories and subsequently contain notes from doctor appointments, funny one liners and milestones, but no pictures.  i guess i owe it to my baby book is only barely documented in, with a few "welcome baby" cards, an ultrasound picture and lock of hair thrown in for good measure.  i count on my head to recall memories, and that's probably not a good thing as i keep adding candles to my birthday cake.  

i still have a week or so to decide.  in the meantime, here is our november.

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