Tuesday, September 3, 2013

on the eve of kindergarten

as i opened my laptop to write this post, my reminder popped up for tomorrow- "first day full kindergarten."  as if i needed one more reminder to literally send me over the edge.  this is a tough post to write, but inevitably the day would come.  so here goes.

a letter to my little girl.

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for my harper,

how did we get to this day.  how did 5 years fly by so quickly, to the night before i walk you to the bus stop and watch you climb aboard and wave goodbye as you head off to your new school for your first full day of kindergarten.  i don't know how we got here, but i know you're ready.  and i know that, as nervous as you are right now, you will be ok.  you always are.

this morning during orientation, when we walked into your classroom and met your new teacher, i could feel your hand squeeze mine just a bit tighter, and your body inch just a bit more snuggly with mine.  and my heart ached.  i so badly wanted to pick you up and run back into the parking lot and drive back home with you.  but then we found your seat and you were asked to color and write your name and you loosened up and you maybe even smiled.  you love to color.  you love to write.  and i think you'll find that you will love so much more about kindergarten.

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you have expressed to us your worries about the bus, and your worries about meeting new friends in school, and that there are a lot of boys in your class and you just don't like boys.  and hey, my love, that's ok.  really, it is.  but you are personable and a social butterfly and a leader, and i just know you will walk our of that room in june with everyone as your friend.  you find something good in everyone you meet. you are extremely positive and you radiate joy.  you are a beautiful little soul and you have brought so much happiness to our lives.  i can't believe most days that i am lucky enough to be your mama.  you have changed me for the better, opened my eyes to new clothing styles, new imaginary games, new elaborate stories, new food combinations.

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as emotional and teary-eyed as i have been for the past few days, especially tonight, and will most certainly be tomorrow morning as we make our way to your bus stop, i know deep down that you will soar.  you will rock this year of kindergarten and do amazing things.  you will wow and dazzle and shine, because that's who you are.  you are bright and intelligent.  you are witty and funny.  you are a conversationalist and a lover of chatter.  you are independent and strong-willed.  you are a kindergartener and you are ready.

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i love you to the moon and back.  i love you oodles of noodles.  i love you a bushel and a peck.  i can't tell you enough how proud i am of you and how i love to just watch you be who you are.  i have a front row seat to one of the greatest shows on earth.  happy kindergarten-eve, my harper bean.  you will do many great and wonderful things, and i can't wait to see them.

love, mommy

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