Saturday, June 8, 2013


we are 7 weeks into this both-girls-swim-lessons thing and it is going along very well.  (i won't talk about how my face is beet red and i'm a sweaty mess at the end of getting both girls in their lesson, out of their lesson, in the shower, out of the shower, in the locker room, dried and dressed, out of the locker, and schlepping all the wet clothes and towels to the car.  yeah, it's not pretty.)

but you know what makes it all worth it each and every week?  the smiles on the girls' faces.  the fact that they rarely complain that they have a swim lesson.  our fabulous teacher, maggie.  the staff at goldfish swim school and their smiling faces and helpful nature.  the warm showers.  the progress that my girls are making each time they jump in the pool.  the confidence that is building within them.  the mama's mind ease knowing that they are a bit more aware and safe around the water come summer time.

we are oh so happy with this place and these people.  take a look if you haven't checked it out before.  try them out by signing up for a lesson, or joining in on a family swim night fridays and sundays.

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