Tuesday, April 2, 2013

solo in san diego

at the end of february, my school sent me to a conference in san diego.  i tried to convince michael or my sister to come with me.  nothing ended up working out, so i found myself flying hundreds of miles away for 3 days to be...alone.  i had never taken a complete solo trip before.  i usually went with someone if it was a conference or vacation, or at least was going to visit someone if i traveled alone, but this was a first.  i was a bit nervous.  i knew i would miss the girls like crazy.  i planned and planned and planned some more for life to go on while i was away...prepping meals, writing notes, checking and double checking who was taking the girls to school and who was doing pick up.  

i left very early sunday morning with tears in my eyes as i kissed michael and the girls goodbye.  i had fun reading material with me, a large starbucks and the next 5 hours til i arrived in sunny san diego.  it was beautiful.  my hotel was beautiful.  my alone time was daunting.  what was i to do?  i quickly changed into workout gear and headed to the 24 hour gym to clear my head.  

those 3 days were pretty much the same.  wake up early (late per eastern time zone) to fit in a workout. get ready and head to the conference, at which i sat indoors at a table all day, but learned a ton and met some really cool people.  head back to my room for a quick dinner and then relaxing before i crashed in bed at 8:00 cali time.  it was kind of pathetic, but i truly had no desire (or energy) to go out and explore.  i did find out when it was too late that the beach was only steps and around a corner from my hotel, which i was bummed about.  i would have loved to sit and watch the ocean.  i didn't tote my big camera, but wish i had.  the scenery is gorgeous out there.  it was only me and my iphone, and i tried to capture as much as i could.  

i arrived home early evening wednesday night to my own personal taxi service, with the 3 faces i missed the most.  i was so happy to be back home.  and i think i could likely take another trip solo again, but not too soon.