Thursday, February 14, 2013


happy day!
 photo vday1_zps5468f2c2.jpg  photo valentinesday-3_zpse33011a2.jpg

today is one of my very favorite holidays.  a day dedicated to love and red and pink and hearts.

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and candy...

 photo vday4_zpsda5079ff.jpg  photo valentinesday-15_zps948df6cb.jpg  photo valentinesday-18_zpsde772790.jpg

my girls know about that all too well.  i won't tell you the number of m&m's and mini chocolate chips that were consumed in bribery to get these photos complete.  i'm not above bribery for photo shoots.

 photo vday3_zpse5fc8723.jpg

i wanted to capture the love i have for these two little beings.  it's immense.  they are amazing and beautiful people.

 photo valentinesday-21_zpsb4e7e7be.jpg  photo vday5_zps4fd91fcd.jpg  photo valentinesday-11_zps27709191.jpg  photo valentinesday-10_zps68f7c2a6.jpg  photo valentinesday-7_zps78314570.jpg

so, a valentine's wish to you my friends.  may you have a day for dreaming and love...

 photo valentinesday-9_zpsf10e00ea.jpg

a day without tears or heartache...

 photo valentinesday-14_zpsf7a2b40d.jpg

a day of pure happiness and giggles.

 photo valentinesday-20_zps3e9ca697.jpg  photo valentinesday-19_zps3e8a6278.jpg

{kiss, kiss}

 photo valentinesday-26_zpsdcdd486a.jpg  photo valentinesday-27_zpsafc719ca.jpg

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